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I was born in the clouds at the top of mason mountain

momma saw me before I was born, she calls me Dreame

My momma sang to me

Daddy played her memories on a 6-string guitar

Dreame, oh dreame…please don’t leave here Dreame

Dreame, oh Dreame, don’t you leave us Dreame

Dreame, oh Dreame don’t leave this mountain Dreame

I grew up in the shadow of the trees

My imaginary friends and me

wondered about the other side of this hill

the other side of me

Repeat chorus

From the top,    I looked down

There were no fire flys,    no stars in their sky

I have no questions about the other side

No questions about me

Repeat Chorus

©Copyright 2010 Jill Lovato

Standing In The Rain

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Brother’s Keeper

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We are all (Our Brothers Keeper) this only means that whether its family or a friend, we watch over one another, we have their back. We care and we are there for one another.


Brothers Keeper

Scream on Drugs

Posted by admin on 12th February 2011 in Rock Lyrics, Video's

Scream is about METH, I am portraying that I am Meth, and I take everything in your world. I see the sad deterioration of our society with this terrible drug. If you think it doesn’t effect you, you couldn’t be more wrong.


Scream on Drugs

The Day After

Posted by admin on 12th February 2011 in Video's

This song was written about my only child Jaime Lee McGuire who died unexpectidly on April 14, 2010. She had left behind her 8 month old son Tadc Braic McGuire who now lives with us, his Grandparents. this world will never be as beautiful. We are so grateful for Tadc.


The Day After

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