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State of Mind

Posted by JillLovato on 9th January 2013 in Country Lyrics

Are ya tearin that house apart
It has to of been there from the start
Just look around , it can be found
Keep in mind, There’s no perfect crime

Whatcha gonna do when it’s in your hand
Scream his name, then demand
How could ya, why did ya, help me understand
Why was is so easy, to lie then leave me
An empty room, can’t answer me

You thought another view, a state away
Forwarded mail, it’s on it’s way to you
Back to that state of mind
You cross the line, with a mark in mind

After it all burns to the ground
Ashes are warm in your hand
A mason jar, sits on your night stand
Got a few answers about that man

You Were my Song

Posted by JillLovato on 9th January 2013 in Country Lyrics, Love or Melotic

I wonder where you’d be
If you had reached the end
I love that you never gave in
Pennies you said
Are not to be saved
Or tossed away on a wish
Live like lust, most won’t understand

The soft smell of morning dew
In colors as light touches you
Your sleepy eyes as you rise
I sang you a song
You hummed along
For a minute we belonged

In a bonfire light
Memories we held tight
Were pulled up into starlight
I sang you a song
Till night fell into light
Smoldering smoke sent us away

Now everything around me
Takes flight on edge of light
So when I dream tonight
I will belong I will
Cause you were once mine
You were my song

Versace Attorney

Posted by JillLovato on 9th January 2013 in Country Lyrics

So you think you got me down
You had the last word
Your versace attorney
Had the jury in his pocket
Thought you saw the last of me
When I got the fine the time
And a permanent record

That pretty little thing with the ring
Belongs to lieutenant Winston
Surveillance got the jump on you
And will be used to prosecute
Those back up files you can’t find
Give the D.A. all the grounds
See your debts are due
It’s just a cellblock view
Of what the future holds for you

I know they say they’ll visit you
Its friends that get you through
But when the guard stops callin your name
And your books are in the red
The things you’ll have to do
Just to get through
Will be a crime, without time

As for me, by the picture you see
I got the quick sale deed
What was yours, now belong to me
I can feel your curiosity
Yes, I married your versace attorney

Poor Little Rich Girl

Posted by JillLovato on 9th January 2013 in Country Lyrics

I met you in the fall
Comin down two bottles of red
And everything, you said
Your Prada life, and feather bed
Still its not enough, you said
I might as well, be dead

Daddy’s planning a take over
Mommys getting a make over
What about you
Who’s taken care of you
Who’ll turn down your bed
You said I might as well, be dead

I thought I said
Pull your head outta your ass
It’s you that made this mess
While we live 2nd hand
Last night you were out with the band
With everything, you got nothing
Poor little, Rich Girl
Ain’t ya somethen

Pull down your blinds
A DU.I. you’ll never do time
No matter what you do
A blank check, who’s it going to
Nothing we cant clean up
Nothing we cant cover up
Nothing we cant do
We all wanna be like you or We all wanna be you

Outside my Window

Posted by JillLovato on 9th January 2013 in Country Lyrics

Outside my window is a thicket of woods
A barn owl calls, til light steals the night
Outside my window is a road
I read some of the signs
Private road, dead end, I keep off this road
Im afraid of whats at its end
Ma fell to a fever, never woke again
When I was young, Pa left on a moonshine run
Now I’m shaped like my Momma
Who knows how many years its been
Outside my window is laughter from a distant hollor
I imagion they’re dancing n drinkin moonshine
Once strangers, now they’re friends
No one knows about this house on the side of the hill
One one ever gets lost, or comes wonderin in
Just this fall a man came to call
I met him with my gun
He said: I wanna introduce myself
hopen we can be friends
See I bought the land, where yours ends
He’s gonna build a house, it can reach the sun
With a couple hundred houses, all with-in
He asked about the road, and all them signs
I said I didn’t know where it ends
laughin, said I’m kinda funny
That’s the road that brought me in
And where we’re standin, is the roads dead end
My mind couldn’t take it all in
Im gonna have to think on it again
Just outside my window, is a whole world
A place I’ve never been
Cause if that mans right
I’ve been sitten on my own dead end
If that mans right
But I’m gonna have to think on it again

Just in case she calls

Posted by JillLovato on 9th January 2013 in Country Lyrics

I saw you drive away
Didn’t know you wouldn’t be back
So much I wanna say

So I’ll just sit here
Talk to the walls
So I’ll sit here
Watch the lights cross the wall
So I’ll just sit here
Just incase she calls

Watching the world go past me
Times got nothing for me
I hold my breathe cause

Now the window has been broken
No reason to stay here
Left a note up on the door
Now everything’s been said

CH: 2
Repeat chorus with fill in of : No more just sittin’ here


Posted by JillLovato on 9th January 2013 in Country Lyrics

I was born in the clouds at the top of mason mountain
Momma sang to me
Daddy played her memories on a 6-string guitar

Dreame, oh dreame…please don’t leave here Dreame
Dreame, oh Dreame, don’t you leave us Dreame
Dreame, oh Dreame don’t leave this mountain Dreame

I grew up in the shadow of the trees
My imaginary friends and me
wondered about the other side of this hill
And the other side of me

Repeat chorus

From the top, I looked down
There were no fire flys no stars in their sky
I’ve no more questions about the other side of the hill
Or the other side of me


I don’t live here

Posted by JillLovato on 9th January 2013 in Country Lyrics

I think I’ve spent enough time here
Looking inside the mirror
I know every route here
I think its time to get my head clear

I don’t live here
No more bad news at my door
I don’t live here
Take my sweet memories and disappear
Break that old mirror
I don’t live here

I think I wonder now
No reason to settle down
Things I thought were lost
I found with me, right here in my suitcase

I’ve been on roads with no names
Looking for your sunshine
Watching stars die
Even when I’m lost, every road brings me to you

Fight it out

Posted by JillLovato on 9th January 2013 in Country Lyrics

I’ve seen that look a hundred times before
I’ve heard that heavy sigh as your walkin on bye
I ask you what’s on your mind
You say would’nt understand
Not so long ago I use to understand
Now you wont let me in

Baby fight it out
For yourself for what you believe
Cause your only home when you see me
Fight for our truth for our family so they can see
The love that brought them here It was you and me

I’ve seen what’s up ahead if we look the other way
Bye the time the words get out, someones movin out
Lets close it all out get back to where we began
When the only words we needed to hear were standin right here

Close your eyes and follow my voice
Remember how easy it use to be
To put all your faith in me
Just don’t give up without putting up a fight

Love Doesn’t need you

Posted by JillLovato on 29th November 2012 in Country Lyrics

I see him everyday

Still were strangers

He say’s he knows me

But everything he says is wrong

Cause everything I told him is a lie


Love doesn’t need you

Love doesn’t care

Love is always looking

For a reason to leave

If he only knew me

If he only knew me

If he only knew me


If anyone ever saw me

all the way through

So I give him the kinda

woman he could love

Cause everything I told him is a lie


Not too many understand

It’s just as well

Let somebody see you all the way through

Even the things that don’t shine

Cause you don’t want to be a lie




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