She was something to see

Posted by admin on 28th February 2011 in Rock Lyrics

She was something to see   1/15/2011 11:01

My momma sure could turn some heads

Everything for us was free

Cause they wanted to see

If they stood a chance

But they were only foolin themselves


Cause Momma was crazy about her man

She gave all her love to him and me

Everybody else just wanted to be

Apart of that light

That was all around her

She left you with a memory or a dream

She was like no other woman you’d ever seen

You can pick a smile out of a book

There aint much that comes naturally

Pay enough and you’ll look like

A magazine glamour queen

But that light isn’t something you can buy

If I had a dime for everytime I heard

Where was I at before you had that

Pointing at the ring on her hand

As thought they were the one who got away

It’s your lie you tell it any way

It’s your lie you tell it any way

© 2011  Jill Lovato

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