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Crime 3/3/09 8:36 pm

Well you’re just in time

To see what’s left behind

When he struggled with a gun

Any question who won

A chalk outline

Hissing red flares

Always too late

The police start to investigate

Just another crime

A bullet in the head

For less than fifty bucks

Or so it’s said

Just another crime

After somethen you said

The words were swelling in his head

He thinks he says

That fool don’t even know he’s already dead

Picked out of a line up

I’m sure she say’s

Sarg. says you ain’t gotta enough life

To pay for this crime

Now the monsters in the cage

On the other side of the wall

A heinous crime is in plotted for night fall

He looks like the monster in the cage

Wont this crime be the rage

Cause don’t they all look the same

When you look around

When you look around

Criminals are all around

They don’t have a look, smell, sound

©Copyright 2009 Jill Lovato

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